Project LED4art lights the Sistine Chapel

Last 30th October, in an event with more than five thousand guests and worldwide media, the new lighting system of the Sistine Chapel (City of Vatican) was presented. This new facility, based on the most innovative LED technology, will contribute to visualize and preserve for a very long time the outstanding work of Michelangelo in all its magnificence, as reported by all the fortunate visitors. The new system allows increasing the illumination levels thanks to the elimination of damaging radiations and the 50 % reduction of generated heat. In addition the LED system induces a 79 % of energy saving which is equivalent to CO2 annual savings of 25 ton CO2 eq. These actions have been co-funded by the European Commission (EC) in the framework of the project LED4art. The initiative has last three years, ending the 31st December 2014. It has been coordinated by OSRAM with the participation of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research, IREC (Spain), FABERtechnica (Italy) and University of Pannonia (Hungary).

Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) University of Pannonia OSRAM IREC Faber Technica